The perfect tool to handle how your server runs
CN_MW2SM (Clara Nguyen's Modern Warfare 2 Server Manager) is a tool which was written in inspiration by Xifon's MW2sa. The tool allows you to gather information from UDP packets sent and received Steam's Modern Warfare 2 PC client and display it in a web browser. Furthermore, if you are the host of a lobby, it will allow you to kick people or even ban them from your lobby.
Beat the hackers at their own game
Modern Warfare 2 is clustered with hackers. This tool will specifically utilise the Steam API to gather profile information. It will tell you whether or not a person is VAC banned without having to go to their profile. If you are the host of a lobby, you will be granted with the ability to kick or ban any person you choose. The method utilised by CN_MW2SM directly modifies the Windows Firewall and is not against Valve's Anti-Cheat policy. Therefore it will not give you a VAC ban for using it.
Open Source
This tool was a fantastic learning experience of how WinPCap and Microsoft's cpprestsdk works. As such, I believe in making the tool's code accessible to everyone, so they may learn how the application works. Who knows, you might be able to make something even better!

The tool was written in C++, with a hint of C mixed in. The web interface is obviously HTML and Javascript. The GitHub repo is here.

Ironically, the repo is private at the moment. Stay tuned!
This is private software at the moment. If you have a DERPG account, the link below will open.

Here is the download of CN_MW2SM version 0.6.1. It was last updated on November 3, 2018. A changelog is not available at this time.

Download (?? bytes): [DERPG Link]