My fourth album. This album took a bit more time to make, primarily because I am still experimenting with genres of music that I can actually compose for. This one is oriented toward more ambient and relaxing music as opposed to the other songs. However, it borrows elements from "Concept of Mind" (My second album) in that the music is a translation of my current thoughts and mood into music.

As always from me, all tracks are composed in FL Studio, and are exported at 48,000hz.

This album is also the first album that I have mastered in both Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound!

Font used is D3 Euronism.

Track List
# title length
1. Occurrence 2:30
2. Conceptualisation 4:48
3. Theory 4:20
4. Memory 6:48
5. Starlight Azure (流星 Remix) 3:30
6. Mentality 5:05
7. Secret 4:58
8. Memory (ANOTHER) 5:25
Listen on Soundcloud!

This album is free to listen to on Soundcloud. Below is a playlist which has all songs in the album.

Buy on Bandcamp!

While the album is free to listen to online, you can also buy the album on Bandcamp. There are a few benefits to doing this:

  • Access to the highest quality versions of these songs (24-bit FLAC @ 48,000hz)
  • Shows your support. I appreciate it!
  • Lossless quality versions of the album art, front and back.
If interested, feel free to check it out here: https://idestykk.bandcamp.com/album/memory