My fourth album. This album took a bit more time to make, primarily because I am still experimenting with genres of music that I can actually compose for. This one is oriented toward more ambient and relaxing music as opposed to my other works. However, it borrows elements from Concept of Mind (My second album) in that the music is a translation of my current thoughts and mood into music.

As always from me, all tracks are composed in FL Studio, and are exported at 48,000hz. This album is also the first album that I have mastered in both Stereo and 5.1 Surround! The release on Bandcamp is Stereo. You may download the 5.1 version here in FLAC (Sorry MP3 users! MP3 only supports stereo).

Font used is D3 Euronism.

Track List
Regular (8 songs)
# Title Genre BPM Length
1 Occurrence Ambient / Techno 106 2:30
2 Conceptualisation Techno 95-130 4:48
3 Theory Techno 123 4:20
4 Memory Techno 94 6:48
5 Starlight Azure (流星 Remix) Game / Techno 118 3:30
6 Mentality Techno 131 5:05
7 Secret Techno 87-180 4:58
8 Memory (ANOTHER) Techno 118 5:25

Album Art - Version 1 (2048x2048)

Album Art - Version 2 (4096x4096)

Track Listing - Version 1 (2048x2048)
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Technical Details

Software Used FL Studio 10
Sample Rate 48,000hz
Channels 2-6
Formats Available Lossy: MP3, AAC
Lossless: FLAC, WAV
MP3 Stereo Release
Bitrate 320kbps
Size 90.7 MB
Channels L, R (Stereo)
FLAC Stereo Release
Bit Depth 24 bit
Size 393 MB
Channels L, R (Stereo)
FLAC Surround Release
Bit Depth 24 bit
Size 886 MB
Channels FL, FR, C, LFE, BL, BR (5.1 Rear)

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