Concept of Mind

This is a remaster of my second album released, Concept of Mind. All songs have been modified to match the standards I now have for music featured in my third album ZONE.

Purchasing the entire album gets you "You Still Lost The Game [Instrumental] (Remastered)".

Font is "Anders".

Track List
Regular (9 songs)
# Title Genre BPM Length
1 Concept (Remastered) Ambient / Techno 106-140 3:11
2 Hyperspace (Remastered) Techno 78-282 2:13
3 Simplex (Remastered) Ambient / Techno 144 3:26
4 Critical Thinking (Remastered) Techno 134 3:41
5 Groove (Remastered) Techno 120 2:52
6 Conspiracy (Remastered) Ambient / Techno 134 3:42
7 初期化子 [Initialiser] (Remastered) Ambient / Techno 170-300 3:04
8 You Still Lost The Game (Remastered) Ambient / Techno 102-300 4:01
9 Farewell (Remastered) Techno 114 1:33
Bonus (1 song)
# Title Genre BPM Length
10 You Still Lost The Game [Instrumental] (Remastered) Ambient / Techno 102-300 4:01

Album Art - Version 1 (2048x2048)

Album Art - Version 2 (4096x4096)
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Technical Details

Software Used FL Studio 10
Sample Rate 48,000hz
Channels 2
Formats Available Lossy: MP3, AAC
Lossless: FLAC, WAV
MP3 Release
Bitrate 320kbps
Size 76.6 MB
Channels L, R (Stereo)
FLAC Release
Bit Depth 24 bit
Size 361 MB
Channels L, R (Stereo)

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